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Volume II

List of Appendices

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Appendix 2-A

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Appendix 2-C

Appendix 2-D

Appendix 3-A

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Appendix 4-A

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Appendix 7-A

Appendix 8-A

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Appendix 9-A

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Appendix 10-A

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Appendix 10-C

Appendix 10-D

Appendix 11-A


2016 Project Prioritization

Project Rankings


Task 4C Technical Memorandum:

1 WUG Population
2 WUG Demand
3 WUG Category Summary
4 Source Availability
5 WUG Existing Supply
6 WUG Needs Surplus
7 Source Balance
I Populated Alphabetized-Region-Sponsor-Strategy Template for RWPG scoring
Project Descriptions with Likelihood of Funding
2011 Preliminary Project Rankings

Water Demands:

Population and Municipal Water Demands in Region I:  County Fact Sheets


Previous Plans:

2011 Regional Water Plan

2012 State Water Plan Available